A bit about Dot Net North

As you may know, I am one of the co-organisers of a Microsoft oriented community ‘user’ group in Manchester called DotNetNorth. We run a monthly meeting in Manchester city centre with one or two speakers plus pizza (that’s Manchester in the United Kingdom).

When the group started it was run by myself, Pete Vickers and Chris Hardy and was aimed at building a community of Windows Phone developers; we didn’t see many people at the meetings but we built a small core of regular attendees many of whom have become friends.

In 2014 we decided to pivot into a less specialised group and we’ve grown since then to have almost 1000 fans on our meetup group.

Chris has since gone off to work for Xamarin in the USA so Pete and I now have the help of Oli Newsham, Jason Holloway and Mike Irving to keep the group running. Having a team certainly makes the events easier to host and run – we’ve all got different strengths and we use that to our advantage each meeting and it means people can find an ‘organiser’ when they need one.

This last year has been a pretty incredible one for us – we secured a year long sponsorship with Evolution Recruitment which allowed us to stop worrying about how to pay for the pizza each month and they also promoted the meetup site by adding a link to the email signature of all their consultants working with Microsoft related technologies. The company has been commendably ‘hands-off’ about the arrangement with one of their guys, Scott Barker, coming along each month (sometimes with a colleague too) just to chat to anyone who is looking to move jobs.

The group continues to grow at pace and we will soon be looking for a bigger venue to host the meetings and more sponsors to cover the costs.

If you’re interested in coming along or speaking at one of our meetings then you can see the event diary and/or send us a message at http://www.meetup.com/DotNetNorth

HoloLens talk at DotNetNorth Manchester

Last night was the December meeting of DotNetNorth in Manchester at which the excellent Mike Taulty gave us a developers’ first look at the HoloLens. It was an eagerly anticipated meeting and we had just over 50 people in the room.

There’s some seriously powerful stuff going on inside the headgear and it was great to see people getting really excited about what HoloLens can deliver.

The group has been running in this format for just over a year and this was one of the best attended ones we’ve had – thanks to our sponsors and the team of fellow organisers.

DotNetNorth is a community group for techies in Manchester who are interested in Microsoft products. I’ll post more about the group over the next months, but if you’re local to the area and want to join us then head over to https://www.meetup.com/DotNetNorth/ and join the group.