The robots are coming with cheese!!

Last month saw us meeting once again at Auto Trader for May’s DotNetNorth. We welcomed our old friend Rob Miles over from Hull to talk about his latest passion, dinky robots! Rob has been working on these things for a while and opened with a description of how he designed a little robot using stepper motors, Arduino boards and various sensors (after, of course, a couple of corny opening gags).

Rob has conceived these robots – called Hull PixelBots officially – to be easy to build with off-the-shelf (cheap) electrical components and even a 3d-printable chassis (although you can just use perspex or balsa wood). He has also written the operating system that powers the beasts called HullOS (are you detecting a theme here?); but is adamant that that sounds much harder than it actually is.

Rob then showed us a few demos and explained that using a few of the features in Azure, he could control the beasts remotely. If you want to see the presentation, it was recorded by our friends from Pusher – you can find it here