Adding Chrome extensions to Edgeium

For the last four or five months I have been using the new Microsoft Edge builds based on Chromium – this is via the special release channels that Microsoft set up for people to try it out. I mostly use the Dev channel release which is updated once a week and is pretty stable; there are two other channels – Beta is on a slower release cycle and represents the most polished current version, or, for the really adventerous, the Canary channel is on a daily release cycle and contains really ‘fresh’ code.

As with most people, I’ve been using Chrome for the previous few years; one of the reasons I really liked it was the tabbed page support it had; I first realised how useful tabs were when I used Opera and soon found them indispensable- so much so that I often ended up with dozens of tabs open at the same time.

It wasn’t long before I was searching for a way of managing my predilection for all the tabs all the time! The most useful one I found is The Great Suspender – which ‘unloads’ the tab content after it’s been un-used for a configurable period of time, it releases the memory and eliminates any CPU useage, but the page can be reloaded with a single click.

Of course, now I’m hooked on Edge, the Great Suspender extension was the only thing I missed from Chrome. So I was really pleased to see Edge now has a feature that allows you to load extensions from the Chrome App Store. To find this feature, use the Edge menu and select Extensions; then at the bottom flip the Allow extensions from other stores toggle and accept the disclaimer.

Now you can navigate to the Chrome app store ( and install any of the extensions you want from there.